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Help Files for abundanceR

Welcome to the online help files for abundanceR. This program was designed to provide a simple way to compare bird abundance for point counts using time of removal methods. The program summarizes a bird data set and reports species detections and estimates of density, corrected for detection probability for data collected using time of detection methods (e.g., Knutson et al. 2008). Measures of community composition are also reported. AbundanceR can also be used to format data for input into program MARK if more advanced analyses are desired.

Note: At this time, AbundanceR can only analyze time removal data collected using either 5 or 10 time intervals per survey. For example, a 10 min count broken into 1 min intervals. 

AbundanceR was developed by Rua Mordecai of Southeast Partners in Flight and funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Eastern Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership.