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Help files for Data Explorer 2.0

Welcome to the online help files for Data Explorer 2.0. This program provides a simple way to estimate trends
from historic count data in the USGS Bird Point Count Database. 

Data requirements: Currently, your point counts must be at least 5 min long and contain at least one distance band. For example, detections recorded as either greater or less than 50m. If the counts are longer that 5 min, detections must have been recorded in time intervals that will allow the data to be reduced to the first 5 min. For example, a 10 minute count where detections are broken into the the first 3, middle 2, and last 5 minutes. Point counts containing only limited distance counts or 10 min counts without any time interval cannot be analyzed with this program.

The project was funded by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, the Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Eastern Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership.